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November 22' River Update

15th Nov 2022

The snow is starting to fly, and so are the fisherman!!! The fishing is en fuego and we’ve got THE guides that will hook you up! Fishing in November & December can be some of the best! It’s just playing the game with old man winter! In fact I’m watching it snow right now as I write this report. This is what we wait for! The fishing this time of year can produce the opportunity to go chase a true reef or mile beast!

The mile is kicking out toads on the lower, lake run fish are starting to show up! Trout Spey with black or yellow streamers have been hanging big fish. As far as nymphs go worms, midges and egg patterns have all been taking fish. Please stick to the deep runs and avoid the shallow gravel as these fish are spawning.

The reef is fishing great. The browns are hanging in the upper sections and the bridge down has also been kicking out some nice bows. Worms, eggs, scuds and midges are the HOT ticket.

Fremont is still fishing good as well. Wait for the water to warm up a little. I like starting about 10am. These fish are big and fat but they eat small bugs. Some of our favorites are the rainbow warrior, the mayhem midge,small rock worms, Darth beatis, and any of your favorite midge patterns size 20-18.

Put on your warm and fuzzies and get out there!

Give yourself a holiday break and go FISHING.

Current Flows:

Reef – 450 CFS

Miracle Mile – 550 CFS

Fremont Canyon – 75 CFS