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Don't Let Summer Be a Bummer!!!

Don't Let Summer Be a Bummer!!!

Posted by Ryan Anderson on 22nd Jun 2023

Don’t let summer be a bummer! Plan your adventure with your whole crew.

At Wyoming Fly Fishing and the Platte River Fly shop we have been having a blast! We specialize in all levels of fisherman and love to take families.

The fishing has been awesome (Despite a few rainstorms). The fish are moving off the reds and getting buggy in the runs!

Grey Reef

Grey Reef fish are on the FEED! The big fat silver hens will take you for a ride! They’re loving tons of different bugs right now due to the midge and blue wing olive hatches. Don’t match the hatch perfectly because then you would be a needle in a hay stack. Try something with the same profile but in a different color or with some flash. I mean you’ve got to stand out a little! We like, the Red Juju, Purple MaCruber, Hot Head Bwo, Tungston Jig Beatis and the Sparkle Midge. If your bug is buggy, around a size18 or 20 and you float it past em’ it’s on!! Flows are currently 1000 CFS. We anticipate more water soon.

They have also started to show more interest in streamers! Favorite colors are currently black, white, or olive!

Miracle Mile

The Mile has been fishing good if you are brave enough to venture out on the rough roads. If you can get there, keep in mind your exit could get gnarly because a lot of our thunderstorms come in the afternoon.

As far as bugs go we love the Little Foamy purple 18, the Barbwire 18 in black, purple, red, as well as the purple back scud, red & purple rock worms, and of course all the colors of Mayhem Midge.

Before too long we will start seeing some golden stones moving around at the Mile. Make sure you keep an eye out for them and carry a few with you in your kit!

Flows are currently 2828 CFS.

Fremont Canyon

Mini rigging has been the ticket at Fremont. Short rigs to a micro shot,then your favorite bwo and midge. Watch for heads, we have been seeing fish up as well!

Current Flows 82 CFS

Big Horn

The Bighorn has been fishing great they are chasing streamers which is always fun when the water is clear. Smaller thin mints, mini rusty trombones, and goldies have been some of our favorites. With the high flows the fish are being pushed to the banks.

When it comes to nymphing, it’s all about scuds and sow bugs. Your favorite colors in a size 16 will work. Also, BWO mayhems and split foam case BWO are good as well!

And don’t forget a dry rod! We have been seeing big Midge and BWO hatches. Big fish are starting to pod up and there are also a lot of fish up in the back eddies.

Current Flows 8000 CFS