Simms Daymaker Landing Net Small

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Simms Daymaker Landing Net is very tough and durable and is built for rugged conditions. The Simms Daymaker Landing Nets float!

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Simms Daymaker Landing net floats!  This is good news to all anglers who have lost a net while fishing.  The Daymaker Landing net comes with orange markings so you can see your net while it is floating away.

The Simms Daymaker Landing Net is made of a carbon composite that is 25% lighter and 40% more crush resistant than competitors nets. The handle is tacky when wet to provide a better grip while a thumb hole near the bag assists with lifting big fish. The replaceable rubber bag comes with UV protection.

Built for anglers who need a compact net for walk-wade pursuits, the lightweight and durable Daymaker Landing Net - Small is the perfect companion for your small stream kit.

  • Carbon composite construction is lightweight, durable and rides high in the water
  • Clear, UV stable and fish-friendly net bag
  • TPU overlay on net handle offers extra slip-resistance when wet
  • Length: 23" Hoop Width: 11" Hoop Length: 15"