Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Seamless Density

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Scientific Anglers Seamless Density is a double density sinking line. The Scientific Anglers Seamless Density is made for those who are fishing still water.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Seam
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Scientific Anglers Seamless Density is a double density sinking line. The Scientific Anglers Seamless Density is made for those who are fishing still water.

Scientific Anglers Seamless Density

- Designed specifically for the demands of stillwater anglers

- Based on popular MPX taper

- Overweighted by two line weight for multiple flies and long leaders

- Features 10 foot and 20 foot textured hang markers

- Seamless Density technology provides a smooth transition between densities, eliminates hinging, and provides a straight-line connection to the fly

-  Intermediate/Sink 3: Designed to get under the surface chop, with an intermediate (1.25 ips) running line and Sink 3 head (3.0 ips)

-  Sink 3/Sink 5: For searching the middle of the water column, with a Sink 3 running line and a Sink 5 (5.0 ips) head

- Sink 5/Sink 7: The fastest sinking SD line, with a Sink 5 running line and Sink 7 (7.0 ips) head, designed to dredge the bottom 


2 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5 11th Oct 2017

    Perfect Match

    SA's Seamless Density lines are the perfect match for chironomid fishing in and around the Kamloops, BC area. Their line identification system is a big plus so that there is no guessing when it comes knowing what's on your reels or spools.

  • 5 11th Oct 2017

    Great line

    I'm a big fan of SA's triple density sinking lines but sadly none are made in a 5 weight. When I read the specs on this line I bought the int/sink 3 in a 5 weight. At 185 grains I can sling flies you would normally use a 7 weight for. Although it's marketed for trout, I use this line for freshwater bass and will also use it in the salt for surf perch and corbina. A very versatile line.