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carp unlimited, carp on a fly, fly fishing for carp, carp fliesAs we look to the future, our rivers and lakes will become more crowded. Fly fisherman will begin looking for alternative ways to find peace and solitude on the water. And those that spend thousands on remote salt water fly fishing destinations, will learn they can find the same experience in their own backyard. What are we referring too? Chasing Carp!

Carp Fly Fishing - mirror, common and grass carp, on a fly rod is a hot subject right now and a under utilized resource for fly fishermen. In fact fly fishing for Carp  will be the fastest growing part of the sport of fly fishing over the next ten years. Carp put up one hell of a fight and can take you in to your backing on a 6-8 weight rod multiple times. Sometimes hard to fool and elusive, carp angling is great sport. The skills required are similar to what is needed to be successful on saltwater bonefish flats. It is a great way to learn how to fish the flats of the world, sight cast to fish, and learn how to play and land big fish. Long accurate casts, good eye for movement, soft presentation are all ingredients that make the carp a great fly-fishing target. 
By Mark Boname



carp fly
 fishing, carp unlimitedCarp fly fishing is the best thing you can do for yourself if you have a saltwater flats fly fishing trip planned in the near future. Especially if the pond or reservoir has some good sandy flats. In 2004 the Platte River Fly Shop obtained a Scout flats boat designed by Stu Apte, world famous flats guide in Florida. We are now guiding for carp on the flats of Wyoming's reservoirs. We pole our boat over prime habitat in the hunt for groups of feeding carp and use patterns that are crossovers from bonefish styles used in saltwater and sometimes even dry flies. Color variations are adapted to our resident color schemes and the gear used is very similar to equipment designed for the flats.  What do you need? A quality disc drag reel with 100 yards+ of 20 lb backing, 6-8 wt rod with good backbone, a good slick floating line, 9-12 foot leaders in 2x tippet and a selection of Platte River Fly Shop carp flies. We can supply an outfit for you if you are new to the game. 

The area we fly fish for carp is one of the top spots for carp in the Wyoming that includes the rare Mirror Carp. And we have over 15 years experience in this area. We can pole or easily wade miles of productive shoreline that produces unlimited opportunities for monster carp. Come learn how to chase Wyoming carp on the flats, we promise you won't be disappointed. Give us a call at 307-237-5997 or email us at  




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