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Simms Sharkfin Buckle

The Simms Sharkfin Buckle clips into any Duraflex buckles on Simms wader suspenders and allows you to keep hemostats nearby. The Simms Sharkfin Buckle can be found at the Platte River Fly shop with low cost shipping and reviews.


Simms Field Repair Kit

Simms Field repair kit comes with instructions for detecting and repairing pinholes and small punctures in waders. The Repair Kit by Simms includes a patch and a bottle of Aquaseal.


Simms Freestone Nipper

The Simms Freestone Nipper is a quality nipper at a great price.  You can find the Simms Freestone Nipper at the Platte River Fly Shop and get low cost shipping on these Simms nippers.


Simms Pro Wading Staff

Simms Pro Wading Staff has an adjustable length from 47 to 56" and is a must for any angler that needs some extra stability wading. The Pro Wading Staff from Simms is lightweight and rigid.


RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is the tippet of choice of the guides at Wyoming Fly Fishing. RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is ultra strong, supple and is 100% fluorocarbon with the highest knot tensile strength of any fluorocarbon on the market.