The Dyna King Barracuda Fly Tying Vise Review

By Mark Boname 10/19/2013


I've been tying flies now for over 30 years and I only tie on one vise and that is the Dyna King Barracuda Fly Tying Vise!


My first tying vise consisted of a pair of vise grips and a spool of sewing thread, which made for a difficult learning curve. But luckily I stuck with it and eventually upgraded to a Griffin fixed head vise and then on to a Regal Vise. I tied so many flies on the Regal that I eventually wore the paint finish off the top of it.


While most vises are better than a pair of vise grips, any vise that will hold a hook is a good start, especially one that will hold a hook solidly. And thats where the Dyna King Vise is superior to most. I liked the Regal for easy and fast hook replacement in out of the jaws, but if you are not careful and released the spring jaw mechanism to fast, hooks would either break or shoot acroos the room. And honestly, I don't think the Regal held the hook very firmly. You could wiggle the hook if you pulled to hard on the thread.


The Barracuda has two notches in the jaws that allows for several sizes of larger hooks to improve holding power and held in place like cement. I can actually bend the hook before it will move in the jaws. I've tied flies from size 8/0 all the way down to size 24 midges, all be it the 24's are not put into either of the notches. The secret to the Barrcuda however is in the cam action. It simply just locks the jaws shut and with a simple few turns on the jaw cone you can adjust for a new hook size in seconds. I've now tied on mine for at least twenty years and have only replace the jaws twice, but I'm due for a third replacement.


More than anything else, i just love the smooth rotary action which can be adjusted to keep the head in place, to firm or to loose rotary action. It just allows you to work on all sides of your fly and anytime of the tying process.




dyna king barracuda fly tying vise


The Barrcuda comes in several versions, some with more bells and whistles including the indexer vise where the whole head assemebly pivots. But I've found the basic Barracuda does the trick for me. The one accessory I did add was the speed handle that attaches to the rotary handle.


There are many vises on the market that are worthy of the Dyna King Barracuda and those are the Renzetti and Peak Tying Vises. You really can't go wrong with any of these vises especially if they have both cam action and rotary features. You always like what you drive and I will keep driving my Dyna King Barracuda Vise until some one can show me a better vise.


If you have any tying or vise questions please feel free to call the Platte River Fly Shop and we will be happy to help you out.