Scott Centric Fly Rod

Scott Centric Fly Rod delivers new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range and can be found at the Platte River Fly Shop with free shipping and reviews.


Scott F Series Fly Rod

Scott F Series Fly Rods have a new slimmer taper with E-glass . The Scott F Series fly rods are redesigned with hollow internal ferrule to set a new standard for smooth, deep flexing rods.


Scott Sector Fly Rod

Scott Sector Fly Rods are lightweight yet will get the job done when casting into the wind. The Sector Fly Rods by Scott present a series of saltwater rods that generate exceptional line speed with accuracy and power.


Scott Tidal Fly Rod

Scott Tidal Fly Rod loads quickly and generates high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke. The Tidal Fly Rods by Scott have ample power to control hard fighting fish.


Scott SC Split Bamboo Fly Rods

Scott SC Fly Bamboo Rods - Great fly rods are made from a variety of materials. Whether built from graphite, fiberglass or bamboo, the key is bringing together material selection, design, and craftsmanship.